The Chakra Room
The Chakra Room

Stand E11

Energy Elixir Sessions – Expressing touch as sacred healing

For people: Requiring an energetic boost Wanting to get in touch with their inner self Feeling tension in the body Who are open and in touch with energetic movement Wanting to experience an overall sense of well-being With a desire to increase their vibrational frequency Who feel stuck in the mind and/or have impending emotional issues

The blessings of a session: Conscious, empathic touch Blissful connection with your own divine essence Deep release of stored muscular tension and resistance Lighten dense energetic blockages Clear chakras Activate ‘chi’ or ‘life-force’ energy Body appreciation Heighten spiritual awareness or intuition/Raise frequency Relaxation Shift mental, emotional, physical resistance

20 mins                $30

50 mins                $80

Experience physical, emotional and spiritual healing through intuitive touch with Ester.

A deep tissue, relaxing massage with so much more. The body, mind and soul are inextricably linked and Ester has an innate ability to locate and release areas of physical and emotional tension in the body. Working with the client in both a verbal and non-verbal capacity, she employs all of her senses to gently ease the body into a state of suppleness and repose.

With her deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage, Ester has a singularly radiant presence and clarity of awareness that is capable of intuiting particular blockages and tensions within the body, harmonising, aligning and rebalancing subtle bodily energies.

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