Mrs Oh Fermentation
Mrs Oh Fermentation

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Mrs Oh! Fermentation || Authentic Korean Kimchis

With 30 years combined experience as a clinical Nurse in Korea and Australia, a passion for naturopathic medicine and wholistic nutrition – and sharing the product of an authentic family recipe passed down through the generations, learn what makes Mrs Oh’s Kimchi’s that little bit special and different!

All of Mrs Oh’s kimchi are Hand made, Use premium ingredients, made using quality locally sourced produce wherever possible, Gluten free and they offer vegan friendly varieties with no Preservatives, Added sugar or MSG.

Mrs Oh’s kimchi are packed with beneficial good-bacteria and work as delicious yet powerful probiotics. They are live culture foods and we invite you to enjoy the goodness of fermented vegetables.

Hello, allow me to warmly welcome you to my website and introduce myself. My name is Seon Oh (Mrs Oh) and I am delighted to proudly share my homemade kimchi and fermented foods for the benefit of your health and tastebuds.

I created a company in Adelaide, South Australia to share a lifetime of expertise in crafting healthy living foods using traditional Korean methods of fermentation passed down through generations of my family.

I have over 30 years of clinical experience as a clinical nurse and nursing practitioner in South Korea & Australia. During the course of my professional and personal life I have become acutely aware of the impact that health has on our ability to live our life’s potential.

Combined with a passion for naturopathic medicine, I am dedicated to improving public health. I believe by informing the community and serving flavourful and healthy living foods, I can make a meaningful contribution.

I begin this by providing to you my deliciously authentic handcrafted kimchi and also my unique flavourful kimchi variations.

Through my knowledge of traditional methods of fermentation gained over a life-time and passionate understanding about the healing properties of food, my mission is to provide quality food products that optimises the potential of food for our well-being.

I hope you enjoy.

Yours truly, 

Mrs Oh.

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