Australian College of Sound Therapy
Australian College of Sound Therapy

Stand B26

At Stand B26 you will find Karl Akkerman & Miranda Munro, the founders of The Kyela Vibrational Healing Centre and the Australian College of Sound Therapy. They are both based in Toodyay, Western Australia and through the Australian College of Sound Therapy, Kyela offer accredited Certificate and Professional Diploma courses.They also run short workshops, corporate based wellness programs and sacred sound concerts.
Together, Karl and Miranda play 30 Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, Solfeggio and Fibonacci tubular bells, Koshi chimes , Wuhan wind gong and a Symphonic gong.
The sounds of the instruments are both enchanting and captivating which clients say, “feels like a deeply relaxing vibrational massage”. The wonderful thing is not only do they sound great, they also have far reaching health and wellbeing potential.
Across the world Doctors and health professionals are using sound therapy to assist their patients. The emerging field of energy medicine attributes the healing potential of sound to attuned frequencies. Quantum physicists confirm that the universe and everything in it is made up of vibration. We can tune up these frequencies in our bodies by applying sound therapy.
Research from the Deepak Chopra Centre has found that “sound from the Tibetan bowls are chemically metabolized into “endogenous opiates” that act on the body as internal pain killers and healing agents”.
Sound Therapy is great for those that find meditation difficult. The sounds of the instruments will automatically and effortlessly take you from the active beta state into the deeper states of relaxation.

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