Cushla LoveJoy
Cushla LoveJoy

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At Divinely Channelled Messages, you will find Johnny Garcia & Cushla Lovejoy.

Johnny and Cushla  both channel the Divine Mothers energy.  They co-authored ‘Connect with your Light Energy’. a channelled book of art and messages. They provide one on one sessions  through Skype/Phone, retreats workshops and meditation groups. their most resent collaboration is a divinely inspired calendar.

Johnny Garcia is a ,Californian,  now living in Mexico who has dedicated these last 10 years working to assist people to understand and realise their souls journey .  He supports people connecting to their authentic creative power. He is a  Channel of divine energy an artist and photographer. In his spare time he directs film projects hosts  his own podcast show Johnny G and friends and enjoys nature and travel. As an artist who has painted since 2000 Johnny creates colourful abstract paintings full of love and healing energy which are channelled.

Cushla Lovejoy  is originally from New Zealand, she is a channel of the divine Mothers soul activation sound healing and messages. she has worked extensively with clients internationally for over 30 years. Cushla is also a transformational spiritual coach connecting people with their deeper purpose, authentic selves and their divinity. Teaching the power of being a vibrational match to abundance, clarity and inner knowing. she is the author of Simply Put for daily easy and inspirational  guidance.

Stand overview

  • Channelled 10min. readings from the divine Mothers through Johnny and Cushla.
  • information handouts regarding our ReTreats in Australia, USA and Mexico and Workshops in Adelaide and Perth.
  • special expo offers on Johnny’s channelled art and opportunity to order  personalised soul Journey  painting.
  • products; divinely inspired sprays, calendar, artwork, books, expo special rates for workshops in Adelaide held on the 14 and 15th of October.

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