Medicine Music – IndiaJiva
Medicine Music – IndiaJiva


Experience the Healing Power of Sacred Music

Internationally renowned for their meditative/spiritual music, Ron Ragel and Vicki Hansen are accomplished multi-instrumentalists and composers and as the musical group “IndiaJiva”, bring together a new synthesis in sound blending the roots of “raga sangeet” with contemporary global sounds. One of the biggest sellers in the Conscious Music field in the world today, through their talks, music and concerts, IndiaJiva bring a transformation into people’s lives that will affect the consciousness of the 21st Century

At their stall you will find a large array of music for stress relief, meditation, yoga and relaxation and  Sacred chants as well as free unique ​Sound Therapy consultations.

Indian Temple Chants

IndiaJiva’s music appeals so deeply because despite its contemporary feel, it still succeeds in keeping alive the meditative nuances of its’ traditional roots. One hears Indian temple chants with exquisite soaring melodies in their music, sending the listener effortlessly spinning into states of bliss.

The Healing Power of Sacred Music

Listening to the music of IndiaJiva on their CDs or live in concert is a profound heart experience. Their performance outfits range from  Ron and Vicki as a duo, playing their exotic instruments, to a full blown band – a truly unique phenomenon who weave together seemingly disparate elements into a thrilling organic Musical Whole.
They can be seen in small and large concert halls from yoga barns to Festival stages, IndiaJiva continue to quench the thirst of their local fan base to international audiences and continue to find newer audiences – their youtube channel is currently over the 5.5 million mark.

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