John Martin Healer
John Martin Healer


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How amazing would it be to know exactly the right thing to do in our life, at any time?

How great would it be to feel always connected to Life, being always happy, and being able to achieve all our dreams with Ease and Joy?
That’s what John wish to offer you and much more.

Business, life and spiritual mentor, healer, lecturer, visionary, John Martin helps raising the vibration of Humanity and the Universe.

John has travelled internationally, teaching and healing people in person, by phone, over Skype, with a photo or by simply using a name. As seen on TV, and major holistic expos such as in LA, London, Singapore, and Sydney, John Martin’s methods include DNA encoding and reprogramming, karmic link erasure and modification and regression therapy. He also realigns auras, repairs auric leaks and tears. John creates permanent settings and tunings by manifesting and working with multi-dimensional vortexes. Without touching you, John releases pains and blockages within seconds. John is able to reveal a person’s life’s purpose and identify the gifts they already possess to guide them toward fulfilling their mission.

John makes a yearly pilgrimage to Lourdes, where he received his first messages from his guides. He also travels regularly to Jerusalem to deliver the prayers he has collected from people asking for his help. Each year, John actively participate in energetically healing world famous buildings and sacred sites.
John founded the Alpha 1 technologies, the Wheel of Change Institute, the AIG Kids Program (Autistic Intuitive Genius Kids), and John Martin online University. His latest movie World Master Healing has been acclaimed as a powerful healing tool.  His latest book, Become Who You Are, has helped thousands of people.

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