Ming Lee
Ming Lee


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“My family all ‘tuned’ in to each other – says Ming Lee. I thought this was normal, although at school I felt different to others. By high school, I realised I helped people through friendliness and listening to their problems. (Compassion). Years later, I was told I was a ‘channel’ (Medium) naturally connected to Spirit, which answered my question of why I received ‘higher knowledge’ in my mind.

My personal journey started in my early twenties. I studied Astrology, Chinese Horoscopes, Numerology, did ‘I Ching’ readings, and Spiritual Intuitive Readings. My purpose opened up showing my empathy towards others.

I have since added Massage, Metaphysics, Meditation, Reflexology, Past Life Regressions, Chakra Balancing, Spiritual Counselling, my great Love – Reiki, teaching it, and ‘Ghost Busting’.
My philosophy is Spiritual, leaning to Buddhism and Jesus’ teachings. I am passionate about the Spiritual/human connection, quantum physics, being happy every day (animals are the secret to joy/laughter). My interests are reading (since age of two – thanks to my grandparents), writing, painting, creating jewellery, crocheting, music, movies, children and friendships. I thank Spirit every day for whatever good or not so good that comes into my life.

Some testimonials are:-
“I always feel better after seeing you” – Carmilla.
“You are a Mother, friend, sister, mentor rolled into one. You are so kind and generous” – Nat.
“You are a very special person.” “You are so accurate”. – KP.

Now ‘semi’-retired, with 40 years as a professional healer/reader, 22 years volunteering in an healing centre, I will continue assisting people in acknowledging their Spiritual journey helping renew their health on all levels.”


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