Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours brings you daily messages & inspirations from the Angels from Isabel Fopiani, a Certified Angel Card Reader.


How would you feel seeing a dark, mysterious, medium sized ghostly man sitting at the end of your bed, all at the age of 5? Well… this is how my story begins.

My name is Isabel Fopiani, once Isabel Mayor, and that was where my life took a major turn into the life of a medium. I was 5 years old when I first saw a spirit. 5! He would visit every night and always late, say around 10 or 11. As I lie in bed, I could feel the breeze of the door opening, however no door would open. No light shining in, no creak as the door of our tiny 3 bedroom weatherboard home would normally do. Somehow I knew there was someone there. I could see a silhouette, and the outline of a medium sized mysterious man would enter the room. I was never terrified of him nor did I feel uncomfortable. Somehow this silhouette of a nameless man brought me comfort, which in turn helped me sleep. For some reason I always thought this comforting silhouetted man was my father.

Back in those days my father worked afternoon shift. He worked hard to earn money to feed my 3 siblings, myself and my mum. They were immigrants from Spain and working hard was always their mantra. None-the-less, this man comforted my dreams and helped me sleep easier. Beyond this mysterious man (my dad), every morning after his visit there would always be an imprint left behind of where he sat the night before.

This chain of events happened for quite a while. I never really noticed nor did I pay attention. This was the norm and this was the routine. One night I decided to stay awake and watch this man who visited me each night. As I sat awake I saw a flash of car headlights coming up the driveway. This is where it occurred to me that this silhouetted mysterious man was not my father. Sitting upright in a rush of both confusion and disbelief to inspect this person a little closer, he was gone before my eyes. Gone! And with that my dad walked in questioning why I was still awake.

This is where my human side kicked in. That human side which pushes out all possibility of belief and spirituality, as I questioned the events which had occurred.