Sacred Wellness
Sacred Wellness
  • Soul Coaching®,

  • Energy Healing

  • Meditation & Massage

  • Elemental Space Clearing®.

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Welcome to Sacred Wellness where you will discover ways in which to create joy and abundance in your life through powerful Soul Coaching® Programs and Workshops. Learn to hear the profound messages of your soul, find meaning in your life and how to incorporate the powerful elements of nature to bring about positive transformation. You will also find other services available at Sacred Wellness such as Meditation, Energy Healing, Massage and Elemental Space Clearing®.

Have a chat with Kerry Dalzotto from Sacred Wellness, a Meditation and Massage Therapy clinic located on Fullarton Road in Highgate. Having successfully established and operated practices in both Cumberland Park and Dulwich for over 11 years, Kerry embarked upon opening Sacred Wellness in Highgate in 2014. With Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Polarity Therapy and Remedial Massage, Kerry is also a Reiki Master, Isis Seichim Practitioner and Meditation Facilitator. Kerry has a strong passion for Meditation and energy healing, together with other forms of healing which range from Aromatherapy right through to Remedial/Sports Massage. Kerry is a warm, caring and intuitive individual who offers nourishing and relaxing massage treatments with her natural healing touch. A combination of massage skills can be incorporated as well as crystal healing and intuitive guidance to assist in the healing process. Kerry also facilitates regular meditation groups combining relaxation, guided meditation and quiet time in order to help connect with your inner self.

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