Soul Connections
Soul Connections

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Suzie Gibbs is a Psychic Medium, Soul Reader, Tarot Interpreter, Pellowah Healer, Intuitive Teacher, Past-Life Regression Practitioner and Remedial Hypnotherapist. She has been aware of her Psychic abilities from quite a young age but has only recently put them into practice on a professional basis.

Psychic Medium  – messages from passed loved ones and Angels to help you on your life journey

Soul Reading  – uncover your soul’s purpose and path in this life-time to enable you to live a fulfilling life

Tarot Interpretation  – an intuitive reading using Tarot cards to help with your direction in life

Past-Life Regression  – unlock the reasons why certain personal attributes have followed you into this life;

a gentle therapy to help you live the life you wish to live; helps the understanding of recurring dreams,

overcoming addictions and can stabilise the mind

Pellowah Healing  – works on a cellular level as a non-invasive modality leaving your body feeling ‘spring-cleaned’.
This is a non-contact healing

Intuitive Teaching  – discover and develop your intuitive skills through an 8-session course held on a weekly group basis

Hypnotherapy  – helps to overcome addictive behaviour such as smoking and assists in adherence to self-help activities such as dieting

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