Starlight Praana Wellness Services
Starlight Praana Wellness Services

Stand A 11

At this stand you can meet Adishakti, SA’s only female certified practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine, Breathwalk instructor and SuperHealth Certified Yoga Therapist (for addictive behaviour).

Here you can discover Eden Energy Medicine, a cutting edge modality that weaves harmony and balance throughout the body’s energy field resulting in physical healing, joy, resilience and vitality. It is simple and effective for general maintenance or can be used to address various health concerns. This evolutionary self-care technique is being touted as the wave of the future and is available right here in Adelaide. AdiShakti will be offering a menu of several signature Eden Energy Medicine protocols to give you a taste of this new modality with ancient roots; come and experience the magic!  Shift your energy, shift your life!

Adishakti will also present two workshops. See presenters for more information.

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