The Sacred Tree
The Sacred Tree

Stand B8

Julie and Tony from The Sacred Tree – Denmark – Western Australia are eager together to share from their worldwide teachings.

Julie is bringing Native American Flutes, C.D.’s, Flute pouches and wishes to share her passion of playing from the heart.  She will be providing a ‘How to Play the flute’ workshop on Sunday at the Expo.  There is a large range of Native American Flutes in their shop in W.A. Denmark, along with a large selection of tools for your journey.

See Julie Booth B8.


Tony is an Interfacer/Messagestick with various inter-dimensional beings.  His Spiritual Awakening commenced in 1980 at 20 years old, he became a platform medium for 5 years in NZ and London.

Tony is available from Booth B8 for Clairvoyant Readings, linking you with your spirit teachers including, ancestors, angels and other inter-dimensional beings for their messages and direction.

All sessions guarantee to also balance your emotions.


Clairvoyant Mediumship Readings 1.5 hours

New Paradigm Healing (Synergy with the Chakras) 1 hour

Psychic Shields ½ hour

Shamanic Soul Retrievals 2 hours

DNA activation 1.5 hours

Various Curse removals 1 hour (through Arcturians)

Psychic Attack Removal ½ hour

“ My teachers call these ‘humanities controls’, and that these are with-holding all of us back from true peace and connection, with Mother Earth and all our relations, including Star Nation.


See you at Booth B8


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