Ally Thomas

Tantra Teacher, Author, Transformational Relationship Coach

ALLY THOMAS, author of the book, “What Men and Women Really Want – 6 Tantric Love Secrets” published in 2017.
Sharing my Tantra Pleasure Experience with men, women and couples since 2008, I teach Tantra experientially – how to be a better lover, how to love yourself, and how to pleasure your partner.

I’m a Transformational Relationship Coach – coaching, counselling and guiding people through issues in relationships, sexuality and personality.
I present Introduction to Tantra Playshops, Tantra Practice Playshops, Sacred Feminine Evenings for Women.
Based in Adelaide, I regularly visit Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin, Cairns, Canberra, Hobart, and Newcastle.

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What Do Men and Women Really Want?

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Discover what men and women really want What is Tantra? Want to learn more about your sexual energy? How can Tantra help sexual or relationship issues, performance anxiety, control and relaxation? Learn nearly everything you wanted to know about Sex and Tantra but don’t know who or how to ask Find out about the 4 […]

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