Annie O’Reilly

Eighth Generation Tea Leaf Reader

Find out what your future holds at the bottom of a tea cup with this eighth-generation tea leaf reader

Join Annie for her Divination Tea Party at the WHOLE LIFE EXPO 2018! Experience a delightful time of how to read tea leaves, mini tea leaf readings, wonderful laughter, special prizes and of course, delicious tea!

Annie is a young but well-read Tasseomancist who’s abilities can be traced back 8 known generations on her Irish side. Born and raised in Perth, WA, Annie has been reading cups for friends and family since the age of 11. Now a Melbournian, Annie is a full time Tasseomancist, has successfully completed her Masters Degree at RMIT and conducts workshops, tea parties and private appointments all over Australia.

Whilst her taste buds prefer tea, Annie is well versed in all types of cup reading. Annie enjoys the humble English breakfast, the spiced mud like grounds of Turkey, the fine sediment of a classy French Shiraz and even the deliciously decedent traditional Italian hot chocolate.

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