Carolynn Milne

The Lady the Angels Talk to and Through

Carolynn Milne, The Lady the Angels Talk to and Through.

One of Australia’s Leading Psychics

This is my life purpose, to enlighten and heal the world by channeling the Divine, to bring sacred, inspiring messages, and by removing as much evil as possible.

There is nothing that I do, you cannot also do. Allow the Angels to teach you how.

Qualified in:  Theta Healing,  Reiki Master\ Teacher,  Space clearing,  Palliative care, Rune Master,  Crystal Healing,  Soul Therapy,  Spiritual Healing,  Angel Intuitive (Doreen Virtue), Crystal Healing,  Medium, Medical Intuitive,  Psychic Reader.



My Sessions

Exorcism Workshop

Mystic Corner

This workshop will start with a demonstration of an exorcism for any present wish it. There is no need to fear as this this is carried out in the presence, and with the guidance of the four great Archangels Ø  Archangel Michael Ø   Archangel Uriel Ø   Archangel Gabrielle Ø   Archangel Raphael They have guided and […]

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