Debra M. Bright

Healing Energy Teacher/ Teacher, Speaker, Healing/Clearing Coach

Debra has been working with Energy Therapies for the last 25 years and she conducts workshops to teach and empower people on how to Chakra Balance and use Universal Healing Energy on themselves and others.

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Importance of 5D Clearing the Wounded Body

Mystic Corner

Come and learn why it’s all about the Clearing Action right now, not just talking about, to actually receive change in your life, otherwise trauma just keeps repeating on your misery loop of same feeling, different stories. Come & experience the inner change & peace from her FREE Anxiety Stress Clearing.  

5th Dimension 5th frequency embodiment Healing Healing Body & Mind Psychic

Clear all anxiety and stress

Mystic Corner

Come & experience the inner change & peace from this free anxiety & stress clearing workshop.