Dr Hayden Belle

Chiropractor & member of the chiropractors association of South Australia

Dr Hayden Belle has a significant interest in how your spine and posture relate to optimal health and wellbeing.

His background training as a chiropractor has led him on a path of discovery to uncover the most effective ways to not only correct spinal postural imbalances but allow greater health as a result.  He has been in private practice for over 12 years both here in Adelaide and in the UK. He is a board member of the chiropractors association of South Australia. He owns and operates the largest chiropractic group in South Australia, Spinecare Chiropractic.

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What’s your spine and posture got to do with your overall health?

Gluten Matter Village

Discover how your spine and your posture are intimately related to your overall health and wellbeing. If you or someone you know has poor posture and/or spinal health issues, this presentation is the perfect opportunity to find out how and why this can be improved.  

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