Dr Peter Dingle

Professor in Health and the Environment and SBS and ABC presenter & author.

Dr Dingle (BEd, BSc,PhD, WASM) has spent the past 25 years as a researcher, educator, communicator and author. He was an Associate Professor in Health and the Environment at Murdoch University for 21 years and is one of Australia’s leading motivational health speakers. Dr Dingle has more than 10 books on health topics in print with the latest ones “Take Control and Realise Your Potential”, “My Dog Eats Better Than Your Kids”, “The Great Cholesterol Deception” and “A Supplement A Day Keeps the Doctor Away”.

He is a regular in state and national print media and may be heard weekly on radio and TV, reporting on health and the environment. He was the presenter on the award winning SBS program “Is Your House Killing You”, and was seen regularly on “Can we help” on ABC.

For the past  25 years, Dr D has been researching active learning and success strategies to increase the productivity and wellbeing of individuals and organisations. He integrates the top tried and true methods via the experts, along with newer discoveries into memory, goal setting, brain function and emotional perception. Incorporating his study of clinical nutrition and exercise, Dr D has developed ‘THE LEAD,’ his own unique program for individual and corporate success and wellbeing.

Dr D commits to over a hundred public presentations each year. He is popular internationally for his lively presentations and has presented in 11 countries on 4 continents. Dr Dingle is popular because he tells you the real hard hitting facts but of course with a bit of magic and humour to help the message go down.

In his spare time Dr Dingle practices what he preaches, writes books, rides a bicycle to work, loves his wife and family, the beach and the gym, juggles, plays with a unicycle and cooks a mean minestra (but not all at the same time!).

Learn to retune your genes to lose extra kilos of weight without dieting with Dr Dingle, Professor in Health and the Environment and SBS and ABC presenter & author of over a dozen books on health and wellness. Nobody knows weight loss and wellness like Dr Peter Dingle, Australia’s most engaging and innovative thought leader on health, wellness and weight loss.

Workshop: Unlock your Genes for Weight Loss

98 percent of people put the weight back on within 1 year of their diet and 99% within 2 years. The Biggest Losers regain all their lost weight. Diets, counting calories and low fat foods don’t work because they are working against your genes. These diets are going against millions of years of evolution. Learn the secrets of weight loss and the language of talking to your genes.

Learn to retune your genes to lose extra kilos of weight without dieting.

Dr Dingle will show you by focusing on nutrient dense foods, supplementation, the right protein foods, probiotics and eliminating toxins from your home you can unlock your genes for weight loss and wellbeing. Dr Dingle has spent the past 30 years as a researcher, educator, communicator and author.

Unlock Your Genes For Weight Loss

Formerly an associate professor at Murdoch University, Dr D has written more than a dozen books on living well and his latest one “Unlock Your Genes For Weight Loss” which explains how you have to work with your genes to regain your ideal weight and wellbeing.

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