Elisabeth Jensen

Principal of Auset Temple Healing, Triple Award Winning Psychic and author of Auset Egyptian Oracle, Ancient Egyptian Divination and Alchemy Cards

Elisabeth Jensen is the founder and Principal of Auset Temple Healing an International School of Healing, Intuitive and Regression Hypnosis plus Angel Miracles Psychic Courses. Best known as a Triple Award Winning Psychic she was voted Australian Psychic of the Year 2010 but now focusses on teaching Auset Temple Healing her amazing Ancient Egyptian Healing system.

Auset Temple Healing was first gifted to Elisabeth in the Great Pyramid of Egypt in 2003 and is a multilevel system of amazingly effective healing especially designed for Healing Professionals and guided by the ancient Egyptian Goddess Auset aka Isis. As a trance channel for Archangels and many Divinities Elisabeth always has much wisdom and many insights to share with the world and as a Medical Intuitive she has much insight into why people become sick and how they can heal.

Elisabeth is a former Registered Nurse and Midwife with a Diploma in Community Health Nursing plus a Diploma of Hypnosis and NLP. Her natural healing abilities were proven in a private Research Study through the School of Nursing at Flinders University in 2012.

Based in Adelaide Elisabeth teaches there plus in Melbourne, Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka and has also taught in Hong Kong, USA and UK and her students practice world wide. Elisabeth is the author of two oracle card sets including Auset Egyptian Oracle, Ancient Egyptian Divination ad Alchemy Cards.

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