Emma Darragh

Women’s Empowerment & Sexual Empowerment Coach

I’m cheeky, sassy, playful, fun, loving, deep and intense all rolled into one weird little bundle. I’m that girlfriend that you can share your deepest darkest… secrets, emotions, fears or those pesky fleeting little thoughts that you would never dream of telling anyone. I can tell you, I’ve most likely thought it, felt it or said worse! I get excited about the different. I haven’t always followed the norm and live with a “fuck perfection” attitude. I could never find a therapist, counsellor or coach that understood me, that didn’t judge me, make me feel crazy, or felt sorry for me. So I became one myself.

My mission is to spread more love and for women to fall in love with themselves.

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Being a woman is your Superpower!

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A workshop by Emma Darragh Are you wanting to gain a greater body connection, increase your confidence and drop blocked emotions that are held in your body and mind? I help women to find their superpowers, and specialise in: body and self confidence, body connection, body image issues, anxiety, connecting to your energy and sexual energy, self love, finding your purpose and […]

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