End-Of-Life Care Counselling, Spiritual Guidance and Companionship


Marisol offers End-Of-Life Care, Companionship & Guidance. Marisol will present a workshop on Death & Dying  and how to honour this important transition.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Who dies?
  • What is a good death?
  •  What is a Doula
  • Stages of End-Of-Life and how to respond to them

“To learn really how to help those who are dying is to begin to become fearless and responsible about our own dying, and to find in ourselves the beginnings of an unbounded compassion that we may have never suspected.” – Sogyal Rinpoche

My Sessions

Death & Consciously Dying…Your Life. Your Death. Your Choice!

Workshop 2

Meet Marisol & experience her intriguing & interactive workshop which will challenge you to think about how to choose the death you want & plan for it. Marisol will be discussing death & how we look at it & deal with it as a society in Australia. She will also discuss dying vs. conscious dying, […]