Senior Yoga teacher at ASMY in Adelaide

I first discovered yoga in my mid-20s when I signed up for a term of evening classes with the local TAFE. Something clicked and from that point on I was inspired and yoga became a constant part of my life. I discovered ASMY shortly after the beautiful North Adelaide studio was opened several years ago. Arriving here opened a whole new world of meditation and kirtan in addition to the yoga asanas that I was already familiar with.

When the opportunity came along to undertake Veda Yoga Teacher Training I was able to both to deepen my understanding of the asanas, meditation and philosophy and also begin sharing the benefits of a regular yoga practice with others. I currently take the 9:30am Saturday morning yoga flow class at ASMY. I have a friendly and systematic approach to the classes and incorporate creative flow sequences to build strength, with a focus on breath and awareness. I look forward to practicing with you!

My Sessions

Yoga Asana – Stretch, Strengthen, Relax, & Meditate

Yoga Space

Loosen your joints, increase flexibility, stretch, strengthen and tone tight muscles with yoga asanas. For an authentic yoga experience, the class will include guided relaxation and kirtan meditation for inner peace and tranquillity.

Yoga Yoga Class