Michelle Povey

Crystal Awakening and Crystal Shamanism Teacher

Michelle Povey has been working and healing with crystals for over 20 years. She completed her Diploma of Crystal Awakening and Crystal Shamanism in 2015 and then became a teacher at The Academy of Crystal Awakening. Michelle is really passionate about working with all of the medicines found in Nature and really loves teaching the medicine of crystals. A healer for many years, she holds a beautiful heart space and her gentle teaching style encourages people to connect firstly with themselves, and then with Nature to help restore vitality and health of mind, body and spirit. 

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My Sessions

Connecting to Crystals

Workshop 2

Come and learn how to experience an even deeper connection with your crystals. There are many beautiful and profound gifts to be received by unlocking the medicine in crystals. Learn how you can work with crystals and your heart to experience this for yourself. Participate in a guided crystal meditation. All attendees receive a free gift ♥  

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