Paul Eliseo

Paul has been heavily involved in Holistic Health and Personal Development since he first started using NLP and Self Hypnosis to transform his life. He created better health, a new career path, happier and more fulfilling relationships and fell in love with self improvement. Now his mission is to empower others and teach them the tools they need to create the life they want.

Paul Eliseo is an expert on the mind and body connection how to optimize human performance and create change.

Paul presents workshops and courses around Australia to large corporate companies such as (Anz, Westpack, Bank Sa and the Mental Health Conference) while also running his own course ranging from NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline therapy and other mind and body modalities.

Who you are isn’t found from searching your past. It’s created from the thoughts you are having and actions you are taking now. You create your own reality and if it isn’t perfect, take control and make it the way you want it! – Paul Eliseo


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