Susanne Marie

Theta Healing® Master

From the time I was a small child I have memories of experiences that were not always explicable in a conventional way. I always knew that my great-Grandmother Elizabeth was with me, protecting and guiding me. I remember vivid out-of-body experiences, such as soaring high over the almond trees in our garden and looking down on myself below.Throughout my school life there were many instances in which I was aware that I could “see” and “hear” things around me that my friends were unaware of.

However, there were many lessons in life that I needed to learn before I could begin to live my true life purpose. I can remember hearing, in my head, time after time: “You have to help to lead people into the new way of being”. I did not understand, at the time, what that meant.As an adult, I was attracted to divination techniques such as Palmistry, Numerology and the IChing. I became quite proficient at these readings, but worked with them only as a side-line.

I remember feeling encouraged when told by my mother that my great-grandmother had been a very successful reader, and that I was much like her. I married, started a family and became absorbed in the material world. My spiritual development was put on hold.

I sensed there was more

Over a career spanning 45 years as a teacher, an educational publisher consultant and working with State and Federal government sectors, I knew that there was more I could give.

In 2001, I was lead to Ireland where I confirmed a past life connection with my husband.

It was during this time that a catalyst began creating the need for a sudden and dramatic return to my spiritual path. My life was about to change.

On my return home, I began studying a range of massage therapies, which led to two Diplomas:

  • one in Health Sciences (Remedial Therapies),
  • the other in Oriental Massage.

I refreshed my Reiki skills.

Following this, ThetaHealing® entered my life.

My engagement with ThetaHealing®

After completing the Basic DNA 1 & 2 seminar, I offered my clients private consultations in Theta Healing. I soon realized the amazing power of this modality. I wanted to learn more. It was while I was in Queensland doing my advanced course that I met the founder of ThetaHealing®, Vianna Stibal. It did not take me long to realise that teaching ThetaHealing® was the next step on my journey. I travelled to the USA to begin my teacher training.

Over recent years I have travelled to the USA to Vianna Stibal’s hometown several times to advance my ThetaHealing® skills and knowledge, culminating in 2009 in completing the highest levels possible, in achieving both the ThetaHealing® Master and the ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science®.

Since then I have been teaching all of the courses offered in ThetaHealing®, both in Australia and in a number of other countries.

Theta Healing is the key that confirmed to me my true soul purpose

It is through Theta Healing that I am able to “lead people into the new way of being”. I am seeing many clients each week whose lives are being transformed by Theta Healing. I also have a number of clients in other States of Australia and overseas who call regularly for Skype or telephone consultations.

In line with my chosen pathway embracing unconditional love, I also became a Civil Marriage Celebrant.

Susanne Marie is a Theta Healing® Master; Certificate of Science in Theta Healing®; DipTeaching (Prim); Dip Health Sciences(Remedial Massage); Dip Oriental Massage; Healer and Teacher of Theta Healing® for many years.

Choose to improve your life. Enrol for a seminar. Have an individual consultation by appointment. Remedial Massage Therapies.   Past life crystal journeys and healing.  House clearing and blessing.   Consulting and Seminars in Payneham, Woodside and Aldgate.   For information and appointments call 0418 845 119

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My Sessions

Using ThetaHealing® in Everyday Life

Workshop 2

Susanne will share some of the amazing stories seen from over 20 years working as a healer and particularly the past fourteen years as a Thetahealer®, where she has helped many to change the course of their life. She will then take you on a meditation journey and will facilitate powerful and positive beliefs while doing […]