Vani Shukla

Karma Yogi, Traditional Yoga & Meditation Teacher

As a child of Hindu Bhrahmin (scholars) family I was introduced to Yoga at very early age, however my true Yoga journey started in 2003 when I was 18.I lost my parents that year and my tender mind went too restless to know the deeper meaning of life and its different aspects. This leaded me to take shelter of Yoga to look forward in life.

Having a strong belief in ancient sciences and consistent practice of Yoga renewed my strength to find the new purpose of my life. This experience changed me as a person and I was enthralled by the power of Yoga. I decided to inspire the people to lead a happy and healthy life by sharing this incredible knowledge of mind, body and soul.

I started my formal training to become a Yoga teacher in 2005. I completed my post graduated in Masters of Sciences in Yoga Therapy from India and continued my journey in the company of many mystics and Gurus of Himalayas (initiated in Himalyan Yoga Tradition by Swami Rama).

When your dreams don’t let you sleep, you simply wake up and work hard!

Since 2007,I started sharing my passion for Yoga with different organizations and health centers in India, I was delighted to know that I have been able to change lives, from curing simple health ailments like migraine, insomnia, headaches, obesity, stress to even helping some people quit smoking and give up alcohol.

In 2015 I moved to Adelaide and currently teaching with other schools of Yoga who share the same vision as me.

People appreciate my teachings because I include the essence of Yoga philosophy, pranayama and Meditation in my classes; I try to cultivate the sense of complete well being in a person at physical, mental and spiritual level.

I am a Karma Yogi and intensely believe in the philosophy of Karmas- What goes around, comes around! Continuing my beliefs and passion, I hope I will keep serving people through out my life.

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih !

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Pancha Kosha Meditation – A journey through the five layers around the soul (of Existence)

Workshop 2

In this workshop there will be guided meditation & you will learn about the five sheets of existence (Panchakosha theory) & how to apply these principles in practical everyday life. Presentation for 20 minutes and guided meditation for 30min. Benefits of Pancha Kosha meditation Calms your mind and increases your efficiency Increases concentration and clarity […]

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