Acushla at the WHOLE LIFE EXPO 2017

Acushla is artistic director of Body Temple Dance Company based in Adelaide. For over a decade she has been providing Belly dance (tribal fusion, ATS®) tuition, teacher training, holistic online courses and more recently ‘The BellyDance BluePrint intensive’ and ‘BellyLab101’ with Devi Mamak.

Personal development and holistic health

Personal development and holistic health has remained an integral aspect of her training courses. With an advanced Diploma in Traditional Chinese medicine, Acushla integrates her understanding of energy, personal development and healing into her programs, with an intention for dancers to achieve long term momentum and fulfilment in their dance journey.

Online Holistic Pregnancy Program

Aside from teaching and performing, Acushla’s other passion is being a mum to her two beautiful sons Kuan and Jivan. She has recently shared her experience of pregnancy, birth and bellydance by creating her first Online Holistic Pregnancy Program “Woman in Bloom”.

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