Let Our Panel Of Practitioners Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

Wellbeing Studio

Let our panel of practitioners from SA Integrated Therapies, discuss how multiple therapies work together to get you the results you desire. The panel consist of:

  • Andrew Roesler – Musculoskeletal Therapist,
  • Emily Smith – Physiotherapist (speciality Women’s Health Training)
  • Dr Daniel D’Cruz – Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
  • Dr Carla Brion – Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
  • Marcela Velasquez – Dietitian
  • Mariah Yates – Yoga Instructor

The topics that will be covered in this session are :

  • Are you going through Menopause, and suffering from hip or shoulder pain/bursitis?
  • Fertility – a joint Tradition Chinese Medicine and Musculoskeletal approach.
  • Anxiety and Depression – how Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga/Meditation can be your saviour in managing these debilitating conditions.
  • A complex body … how can 6 practitioners all play a part in assessing and treating you, working together to get you the results you desire – and what role does each play?

Free (with entry ticket to the Whole Life Expo 2019) – Buy Tickets Here


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