I Can’t Lose Weight And I Don’t Know Why

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People believe they are fat just because they eat too much, don’t exercise enough or have inherited the wrong genes from their parents. This is a far too simplistic and limited attitude. Indeed these people are very surprised and often relieved to learn that they have several medical problems that may be making them fat.

Only after all the missing parts to the jig-saw puzzle are taken into account can a tailor made strategy for their own individual weight problem be developed and fine tuned over time.

This workshop by Dr Sandra Cabot will include plenty of time for questions and chatting with Dr Cabot and her Naturopath Victoria Taylor.

Dr Sandra Cabot has been a medical doctor for almost 40 years and is the author of 30+ books on health, including the famous Liver Cleansing Diet book.

$24.95 (includes free entry to the Whole Life Expo on Sun 6 Oct 2019)

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