Slay Your Stress, Power Your Health

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In this presentation by Kaaren Haywood, nurse and health coach, you will discover practical and easy methods to help manage stress and maintain balance and harmony adding to your toolbox. (Note: this session will also include a practical active session suitable for all ages and abilities.)

Stress is all around us, as ‘healthy’ individuals we barely give a second thought to the complex functions which take place day to day, or even second to second within our bodies. Until something happens!

Stress is a self-protective measure and the body’s way of managing external pressures and demands – however in this fast paced, competitive environment, left unchecked, stress can become a self-propelled beast with dire consequences.

We will also will uncover the complexity behind this simple word (stress) and the daily bodily functions it plays a role in. Hear how ‘stress’ helps our bodies perform, and the devastating effects on our health when ‘the beast’ is left unchecked.

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