Transforming Your DNA Consciously 

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This talk by Monica Finazzo, author and intuitive counsellor, is designed for people who have been conditioned to live the life of their ancestors without knowing they have the control to change their DNA when they change their environment.

Many of us have been conditioned to expect the same illness or death as our parents, when in reality genetics are not the sole cause of our fate. Through understanding past life and genetics, you will find the barriers that are created by your DNA, which is translated into body ailments, specifically the same that your ancestors carried.

Join us to empower yourself and understand where our humanity came from, and how you can change what you don’t like in your current life.  Monica’s words and exercises will inspire you to create the life of your dreams, and to program cellular information that matches the vibration of what you are asking for. The remote control of your DNA is in your hands!

Free (with entry ticket to the Whole Life Expo 2019) – Buy Tickets Here

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