Ma Nithya AnnaMaya

Spiritual Coach, Counsellor and Intuitive, Vedic Healer and Personal Development Specialist

Ma Nithya AnnaMaya (‘The Soul Nourisher’), has studied over 30 courses through the Nithyananda University and Life Bliss Foundation, as well as being an accredited coach, presenter and experienced facilitator and host, intentionally walked away from a very successful corporate career to focus now on helping men and women on their path of transformation.

She is on a mission to help every man and women to learn to listen to their inner guidance so they can find their destiny and Abundantly, Live Their Life Purpose, so you can have all that you want, whatever that ultimate vision for your life is.

Having coached and supported over 700 people over the last few years, and heard every imaginable story possible, she is confident that we are the creators of our present reality and absolutely anything at all you want is possible to make happen!

Hosting the Facebook LIVE Interview Series Lessons Learned in Life (globally reaching 7 countries and over 20,000 views in a few short months). Ma Nithya AnnaMaya refers to the process as a ‘Cosmic Womb of Truth’- where men and women share their deepest challenges in their life and whilst that gives context, it’s knowing is really about the lessons people have learned having experienced all they have in their life so far. Deep stories are shared as she tenderly guides people to share their deepest challenges in a raw, authentic was as a means to resonate with or help transform people that tune in!

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If You Can Listen, Then You Can Heal Yourself

Tools for Living 1

Ma Nithya AnnaMaya, Spiritual Coach and Vedic Healer, will teach you how to access the internal intelligence of the body. A navigation system is there for you, you just have to tap into it and align yourself to the answers you keep seeking from people outside of you. Free (with entry ticket to the Whole […]

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Come Let’s Dance With Destiny

Tools for Living 2

Did you know you can create any destiny you want? This workshop by Ma Nithya AnnaMaya, spiritual coach and Vedic healer, incorporates various ways for you to learn how to start speaking to your soul and initiates you into a sacred journey to the destiny you decide on one that most excites and motivates you […]

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