Monica Finazzo

Author, Intuitive Counsellor and Complementary Therapist

Monica Finazzo is a published author, intuitive counsellor, complementary therapist and spiritual teacher who started serving professionally in 2001. Her passion is to help people feel better, find their own truth and realise their dreams. She currently runs a practice that takes her around Australia, teaching workshops and giving presentations. She has experience in hospital settings, as well as corporate settings. She has been a guest speaker in radio programmes, retreats, seminar, expos and festivals around Australia.

With a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge, Monica has helped many people to find their path, and manifest the life of their dreams. Monica has completed three university degrees as well as numerous courses in health and wellbeing.

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Live Entity Clearings

The Healing Hub

Ever come home from work or a night in town feeling like you picked up an “unhealthy energy?”  Most people are unaware of the presence of non-physical negative entities and beings that can actively interfere with their energy and emotions.  Although not everyone carries entities in their energy filed, entities are a real threat to our […]

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Transforming Your DNA Consciously 

Tools for Living 2

This talk by Monica Finazzo, author and intuitive counsellor, is designed for people who have been conditioned to live the life of their ancestors without knowing they have the control to change their DNA when they change their environment. Many of us have been conditioned to expect the same illness or death as our parents, […]

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