Anna Larwood

Meditation & Yoga Teacher at ASMY in Adelaide

After pursuing a career in marketing in my early 20’s, I switched paths to seek adventure and spent some years travelling the world.  During my travels, I discovered the most rewarding adventure, the practice of Yoga.  Yoga asanas fitted perfectly with travelling as they could be done anywhere, anytime and made me feel grounded, stretched and balanced. I instantly connected with kirtan meditation as singing the mantras with others felt so natural and it wasn’t long before I was hooked!

When I returned to Australia in 2006 I did my yoga teacher training with Vrindavan dasi, an inspirational teacher and the founder of Veda Yoga.   I have also studied Ayurvedic medicine, a sister science to Yoga, and can help people with their health through holistic therapies and regimes.  In Melbourne I taught yoga & meditation classes at Gokula House Meditation Centre in Collingwood and also at universities, community centres and for the corporate sector.  It is a real gift for me at the end of a class to see people leave looking refreshed, relaxed and less weighed down by life.

My family have recently relocated to Adelaide and now with 2 children, the Yoga lifestyle is still our helping hand through the ups and downs of life.   My yoga asana classes are flowing with a focus on breath.  As we are all very different I try to make the class accessible to all while still giving opportunity for people to be challenged.

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Meditation And Sacred Music For Deep Peace & Relaxation

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This class by Anna & Chris Larwood, yoga and meditation teachers, will help you overcome stress and anxieties, relieve tension and calm the mind. This class feels blissful and helps you to experience heartfelt inner peace. Fully guided breathing, mindfulness, relaxation, and sacred music meditation (kirtan) Free (with entry ticket to the Whole Life Expo […]

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