Cari Taylor

Wellness, Nutritional & Metaphysical Counsellor

After years of counselling – with qualifications in both Metaphysical Counselling and Wellness/Nutritional Counselling – it became abundantly clear to Cari , that diet was one of the greatest culprits we have to our mindset. For those seeking higher consciousness, to those seeking a way out of depression, poor diet, or a diet that didn’t match their being and lifestyle, was a factor impacting their progress and sanity.  The more she altered the diet, the greater clarity we gained.  The more we worked on aligning better food habits, with greater ritual and clarity the greater we moved towards a more sound mental health space.

Also her years of experience owning a Book Cafe taught her that conversation, connection and a good beverage to drink it down with, was something we would always seek out.  It was obvious that both were needed to endure the real work in life. Tea, wellness, meditation, conscious awareness, wisdom and the desire to create greater wellness within us all, Jun was born, a soft, yet powerfully transforming elixir that blends the good things in life, wellness and wine. Jun, the drink of the gods, is raw, unpasteurised, vegan, gluten free and everything you would ask for in non alcoholic wellness.

Cari Taylor has also written and published over 20 books whilst raising three humans and many more animals. You will find her meditating at the start and end of every day, yoga-ing, finding new things to ferment, writing down poetic ponderings, reading philosophy and philosophising over life, tending her herbs and garden and helping whoever she can to reach their greatest potential.

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The role of the soul in your healing journey

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This talk by Cari Taylor, wellness, nutritional & metaphysical counsellor, is set to awaken your connection to the role of your soul in your journey of wellness and well being. We spend a lot of time talking about, and trying to make sense of the gut and the mind. This is important, because both are […]

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