Dee Gutierrez

Modern Western Astrology & Evolutionary Astrology Practitioner

I’ve been studying Modern Western Astrology for 25 years, and was introduced to Evolutionary Astrology in 2016. By applying the EA paradigm to the charts of those closest to me and witnessing the accuracy in which life paths were revealed, I saw an avenue to which aid people in their quest for self discovery, to give an insight not only to their psyche but also alongside them discover their own philosophy, giving a richer meaning to their life.

Ultimately, the aim of my services is to counsel and aid you in engaging with your own true desires, inclinations, purpose and challenges ahead. This will benefit your own personal evolution and give you the opportunity to understand your own practice of self care which will ultimately guide you in discovering and resonating with your place in the Universe.

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Evolutionary Astrology – The Soul Journey

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Presented by Dee Gutierrez, modern western astrology & evolutionary astrology practitioner, this workshop focuses on what the birth chart can reveal about the current phase in your Soul’s evolution, what challenges are present so you can work through them, what strengths do you have present to cultivate this growth and which direction your Soul is […]