Diane McCann

Founder and Seminar Leader of The Goddess Within, Man’s Inner Journey and Tantra for Couples

Diane McCann attended her first workshop at thirteen! For over 50 years she has continued to both learn and share her vast knowledge worldwide.

Diane is qualified in NLP, Educational Kinesiology, Massage, Chakra Balancing, Iridology, EFT, Rebirthing and The LifeLine Technique. Diane has not only run her own powerful workshops for over 25 years but has brought leaders in their fields to Australia – like Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and Dr. Darren Weissman (The LifeLine Technique), plus many other lesser known, but equally amazing practitioners and healers.

In 1987 she created ‘The Goddess Within’ to empower women to live more consciously.   She also facilitates Man’s Inner Journey and Tantra for Couples. Inspiring, empowering, humorous, with wisdom in both spiritual and health arenas, Diane has a vision of world peace, through raising the consciousness of everyone she meets; she has an absolute passion for making a difference.

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Women! Where’s Your Power Really? (Women Only Workshop) 

The Healing Hub

Diane has been teaching Tantra for Couples for 32 years. Recently she spent 6 months studying and learning from people who are pioneering work in the field of healing women. She will share some of the insights she has gained and how we, as women can let our light shine like a 100 watt light […]

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