Dolph Cooke

Dean of Green at Australian Cannabis University

Charmaster Dolph Cooke is Dean of Green at Australian Cannabis University and in 2014 Dolph was awarded the United Nations Millenium award. Dolph has grown Cannabis licensed for the past 6 years and has been involved in soil science for over 9 years. His real skill is bringing that science and experience down into easily understandable explanations and illustrations, so you will leave the session with real tangible evidence that you can easily integrate into your life. Being at the forefront of cannabis therapy the Australian Cannabis University strives to allow students legal access to this wonderful plant. Students can legally work with the plant in their farm and learn about the medicinal qualities of Cannabis.Together we learn about the plant, how to grow it naturally, how to process it for health purposes, how to work through diseases naturally and much more.

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Understanding how Cannabis as a nutrient can Supercharge your life!

Tools for Living 1

This presentation by Dolph Cooke, a licensed grower of Cannabis for the past 6 years, is an exploration of how Cannabis can supercharge your inner command system and its overall performance! Beginning with a brief overview on how the inner cannabinoid system works, this presentation will go on to discuss how the cannabinoids from the […]