Dr. Geoffrey Bryant

Family natural health practitioner with over 30 years experience

  • Family natural health practitioner with over 30 years experience.
  • Has a special interest in gastro-intestinal problems, skin diseases,
    pain and energy medicine.
  • Trained in the use of Mora advanced diagnostic technology
    and live blood analysis.
  • Is a specialist therapist using Onsen assessment and
    correction for musculo-skeletal pain conditions.
  • Awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy for
    Services to the Natural Health Profession.

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Is wireless technology harming you and your family?

The Healing Hub

This presentation by Deborah Rugari, Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist & Reiki Master, and Dr. Geoffrey Bryant, Family natural health practitioner will cover: What are the different types of RF (Radio Frequencies)? What effect does RF/EMR have on our biology? What is 5G?What are the symptoms of EMR sensitivity and poisoning and what can you do to […]