Elisabeth Jensen

Founder of Auset Temple Healing, Author & Australian Psychic of the Year

Elisabeth is a former Registered Nurse and Midwife with a Diploma in Community Health Nursing plus a Diploma of Hypnosis and NLP.

Her natural healing abilities were proven in a private research study through the School of Nursing at Flinders University in 2012 and as a Medical Intuitive she has much insight into why people become sick and how they can heal.

Winner of the Australian Psychic of the year in 2010, Elisabeth Jensen is the founder of Auset Temple Healing, an ancient Egyptian Healing, and is the author of Auset Egyptian Oracle and the Ancient Egyptian Divination ad Alchemy Cards.

Based in Adelaide Elisabeth teaches also in Melbourne, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, USA and UK.

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Answers For Abundance by Lakshmi, Goddess Of Good Fortune 

Tools for Living 2

Elisabeth Jensen is a trance channel for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi and author of the forthcoming Lakshmi Blessings Reading Cards. These amazing teachings on abundance and good fortune come direct from Lakshmi herself. You will also have time to ask questions to Goddess Lakshmi. Free (with entry ticket to the Whole Life Expo 2019) – Buy […]

Channelling Energy Healing Psychic Trance

Ancient Egyptian Trance States For Healing and Divination 

Tools for Living 1

Modern day hypnosis actually comes from Egypt as does divination which means to communicate with the Gods and Goddesses for divine wisdom and prophecy. Experience a peaceful trance session for healing and divination. Elisabeth is the author of Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards and an international spiritual and hypnosis teacher. Free (with entry ticket to the […]

Channelling Healing Hypnotherapy Psychic Trance