Ganga Dev

Energetic & spiritual healing, Wayapa Wuurrk, Vedic mantra & chant, sacred musician

“I believe our Soul’s journey is to remember who we are & why we are here”…Ganga Dev

This gift of Remembering may be achieved through the process of personal empowerment, gained in part from the removal of energetic blockages from our mind, body and energy field. Through experiential workshops, meditation and the use of chant, mantra and “Ignite Your Spirit Healing” (energetic & spiritual healing), lives can be truly transformed. We are able to raise and anchor a higher vibrational level, facilitating healing within our physical body as well as anchoring greater love, joy, happiness and bliss to create a more peaceful world.

At Ascension Healing and Transformation, I practice daily and happily share with you, the life lessons I have gained from my own experience and passion for study, especially the teachings of my spiritual mentors, Sri Shakti Durga, Sri Śakthi Amma, and many other contemporary spiritual teachers and wisdom keepers.

I was given my spiritual name Ganga Dev (pronounce as if hyphenated ie Ganga-Dev) by my teacher Australian Guru Sri Shakti Durga in 2013.

I have been involved in and around energy/vibrational healing and teaching for greater than 30 years now and I look forward to meeting and serving you, for the Divine highest good of all.

In Loving Service
​Ganga Dev

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The Healing Hub

We walk in the footsteps of a thousand generations…so I ask, what sort of world are we leaving for our next generations? Today, for most of us, we have become disconnected from nature and the land, from our community, from our food and from our Spirit. Through, Earth mindfulness, deep breathing, narrative meditation and movement […]

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