Jason McDonald

Psychic medium and spirit whisperer will present a live mediumship demonstration with a live audience connecting people with their lost loved ones on the other side

Jason McDonald is one of Australia’s most active psychic medium. He has helped thousands of people around the world with his ability to pass messages on to people from the spirit world.

As Jason shares with people in the audience detailed visions and messages from their loved ones living on the other side, he knows that hearing a message from the spirit world is a life changing experience and often the messages inspire us to be aware that we are more then the physical body. Jason has been doing public demonstrations of mediumship since the early eighties giving freely of his time with unconditional love.

When Jason McDonald was just five years old a relative asked him to place his hand on her sore knee. After doing so, her knee felt better and Jason felt the discomfort of the sore knee in his body. He didn’t understand at that age the gift of healing and the sight of spirits he had been given. As he got older his mother started training him to use his gifts of mediumship like her mother before her had done . After training with different mediums and shamans from Australia and around the world Jason started to share his gift with people that crossed his path.



I am pretty sure that there are genuine psychic readers out there, based on my own experience. A few years back, I attended a Mind, Body and Spirit Expo with a couple of people I had met in a spiritual chat room. In the afternoon, there was a man called Jason McDonald  (If I recall the name correctly) who was doing group spirit readings. Needless to say, I was quite skeptical, as I am want to be. However, he said he was getting the smell of freshly cut lawn, and asked if that meant anything to anyone. It did to one of the ladies I was with, and she was told it was her father and she got some messages passed on. Afterwards she said that before the readings, she had asked her father that if he came though, to indicate it by using freshly cut grass. Eric, The Psychic Empath,  Areyouanempath.com

This fine Spirit Whisperer was very accurate with his connection with me, as he was with the others he became the Medium for. Jason did not know of me or of my Psychic-Junke.com website. But I am sure happy to recommendIan (WebMaster),  Psychic-Junke.com 

 I recently saw Jason work a platform at the Brisbane Body Mind and Spirit festival and followed his amazing presentation with a reading at his home in Brisbane. Right from the get go he was in touch with all my contacts that I brought along in the form of photos, none of which he looks at just placed face down the whole reading. Photos of living and dead. The living photos messages were as accurate as the past photos messages that came through. I left there with such a feeling of inner peace that all is well and that spirit has my back. Something that I had recently lost sight of. Go see Jason. He is a gem. – Yulinbilla 

Jason has an amazing gift, he has said things that are so precise, he makes u feel very comfortable & at ease, yet at the same time brings out a lot of emotion.. he is truly brilliant. Highly recommend him.Dimi Kossaris Papastergos

I had a reading a few years with Jason and he was just amazing , walked out of there crying , couldn’t believe he knew eveything … was spot on – Mesilla Smith


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