Kim Papp

Managing Director of Chique CosMedical Skin & Body Solutions & The Drip Club

Kim Papp is the Managing Director of two thriving small businesses located in the heart of Unley, South Australia.  Her business are Chique CosMedical Skin & Body Solutions and The Drip Club, in which she has been the driving force for over five years.

The Kim is no stranger to a challenge, having a varied work background as a firefighter for 8 years, a safety systems specialist for 2 years, personal trainer for 4 years as well as her current role as the clinic nurse within her two businesses.  These varied backgrounds has given Kim a very broad knowledge base allowing her to navigate through the many different challenges and opportunities presented to every small business owner today.

Chique was the first business created by Kim, which focuses on high end Medical/Cosmetic treatments such as Laser, Cosmetic Injectables, and Advanced Skin Treatments.  She has steadily grown this business from a single person operation to one now employing 6 staff as well as three medical practitioners.

The Drip Club is Kim’s newly created business initiative being the first of its kind in South Australia.  The Drip Club offers Intravenous Nutritional Therapy which delivers high dose vitamins and minerals for performance, optimal health outcomes and general wellness.  Kim expects great things from The Drip Club due to the growing consumer focus of performance, health and wellness.

Kim believes in hard work, empowering your team, systemisation, innovation though unique ideas and creating an environment where your clients will want to visit again and again.  Kim understands the challenges faced in growing a business on a limited budget and to harness the power of word of mouth marketing.  This combined with targeted networking, developing strategic relationships with other businesses, as well as social media and internal marketing strategy.  She sees these business tools as essential for client retention and new client marketing.

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