Matthew Greenwood

Shamanic Lakota Energy Healer & Native American Sweat Lodges & Ceremonies Teacher

Since 2001, Matthew has travelled extensively to Rosebud Indian Reservation, South Dakota, USA, living with the Lakota people. With the blessing of the Elders, he not only runs ceremonies in Australia such as the sweat lodge, he also takes small groups to Rosebud to experience the true essence of the Plains Indians of North America.

It is the old ways that still hold strong in the Lakota culture that Matthew brings back to Australia to help people understand and flow with the Earth changes of Today.

Treatment Modalities

  • Addressing physical, emotional and spiritual distress
  • Direct channelling of Spirit Guides
  • Chakra and energy field assessments and clearing
  • Spiritual counselling
  • Removal of negative spirits and entities

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Connecting With Your Spirit Guides –  Experiences & Demonstration

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Presented by Matthew Greenwood, Shaman & Healer, this inspirational workshop will reveal that there is more to you than who you see in the mirror !! Have you ever felt your life is being guided ? Have you ever given advice to someone and wondered where those inspirational words came from? Time to find out. […]

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Embracing Our Galactic Heritage

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We are all in a time where human consciousness is going through a renaissance period of spiritual evolvement. This means great change for Humanity, both as a whole and also as individuals. This workshop, presented by Matthew Greenwood, Shaman & Healer will help to bring many pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together from physical changes […]

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