Mena Baines

Astrologer & Medium

Mena Baines holds an MBA in business and is a Medium and an Astrologer.  In the 1990’s she channeled through her writing, her own astrological perspective – Venusian Astrology.  Mena’s studies and life experiences include university level Psychology, Psychology of Religion, Anthropology, Philosophy and English literature studies.  Mena attended extensive Neuro Linguistic Meetings in the UK, and walked on hot coals in a Tony Robbins seminar in Coventry.  Mena has always pursued spiritual knowledge to explain her own experiences, that started at an early age.  She studied Mediumship under Jade Sky, a very popular and genuine Australian Medium.  She studied Astrology, Western Magick and occult practices during the 90’s.  She is also an inducted Reiki and Sekhem healer.  She runs non-associated businesses with her husband in Brisbane, and her business Chakra-Spinach in Astrology, Healing and Mediumship.  Mena presents at expo’s across Australia and operates an online and person to person practice from Brisbane. She is also available for Public Speaking opportunities and is passionate about sharing Venusian Astrology through her books and practice, to encourage everyone to recognize their own value.  She passionately believes that when all of us value ourselves, then we will naturally value each other.  

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