Meri Griesbach

Transpersonal Art Therapist and author of "Creative Rebel: Freedom from the Pain Chain"

Meri Griesbach, author of “Creative Rebel: Freedom from the Pain Chain”, is a qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist with experience in the care sector and in managing strategies for Grief and Loss, Anxiety and Life Transitions.

The therapeutic benefit of making art is widely accepted and in fact, humans have used art as a way of expressing themselves for millennia.  It has been used since stone-age times to record stories and events, as ritual expression for individuals and communities and to identify themselves.

The field of Art Therapy is growing as it regains validity as a method of healing and self-expression.  It is used in many areas of mental health management such as palliative care, grief and loss counselling, trauma and post-traumatic stress management as well as in the disability and aged care sectors.  In fact, anywhere Counselling is used, Art Therapy can often be seen too as a powerful method of mental health management and personal growth.

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Art Therapy – A Powerful Therapeutic Tool For Lasting And Meaningful Change

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This hands on session, presented by Meri Griesbach, Transpersonal Art Therapist  and author of “Creative Rebel: Freedom from the Pain Chain”, uses art as a bridge or gateway to new ways of approaching an issue. No skill in art is necessary. There is no expectation to produce a magnificent piece of art. The emphasis is on […]

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