Michelle Stanton

Michelle Stanton founder & CEO of Zonehigh, executive coach and trainer in peak performance

Michelle Stanton is the founder of “Manifestation at your Command Process” and has taught thousands of people to manifest their dreams. Here’s what they say:

“After 10 years of being housebound with Chronic Fatigue, I feel like a bear that has just woken up after a long hibernation! The light switched on in my brain 4 weeks after my wife started manifesting my perfect health. I am now back at the Gym rebuilding my strength!” Bryan

“Within 5 months of attending Michelle’s Manifestation course, I manifested $30,000 as a gift – it took 7 days to arrive.” Sue Ellen

“I used to hate my mother in law with a passion. I was amazed that it took only 2 weeks to manifest a loving and joyful relationship with her!” Michelle

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