Rosie Rees

Relationship Coach, Yoga Teacher & Founder of Women’s Nude Yoga

Rosie Rees is the founder of Women’s Nude Yoga, a three hour workshop guiding women into a beautiful state of self acceptance, courage and an appreciation for their naked body. Rosie is also a relationship coach and has helped thousands of women transform their relationship & intimacy with themselves and their partner.

Her coaching aims to empower, enrich and strengthen your relationship with yourself, and re-create (or attract) a conscious and loving relationship with your partner.

Her coaching techniques are derived from her training with Tony Robbins in Strategic Intervention and Marriage/Divorce Prevention, as well as her life experience in relationships, singledom, sex, orgasm, tantra, kundalini yoga, hatha yoga, healing and meditation.

In 2014, Rosie created an online crystal sex toy boutique ‘Yoni Pleasure Palace’, sharing the power of Yoni Eggs for pelvic floor strength and Crystal Pleasure Wands to inspire women to become more sensually awake and empowered in their sexuality.

Rosie lives in Perth in Western Australia and travels the world sharing a modern, yogic twist on nudism and empowering women to take control of their sexuality and pelvic floor health.

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In this women’s sexual empowerment talk, Rosie Rees, Relationship Coach, Yoga Teacher & Founder of Women’s Nude Yoga, will guide you into a place of sensuality, liberation and body freedom by re-establishing your relationship with the your self (physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual). “Having come a long way through addictions, climbing the corporate ladder, struggling […]