Sandra Colhando

Life Coach, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Emotional Intelligence & Gestalt Practitioner

Sandra is a certified Life Coach and a trained Mindfulness based Stress Reduction, Emotional Intelligence & Gestalt practitioner. For 20 years she has been helping people attain maximum effectiveness through her coaching, facilitation and speaking engagements. Sandra is a TEDx speaker and has 5000 Life coaching hours. Her approach and tools have helped her clients to identify, examine and change unhealthy beliefs and get them to experience a transformed life.

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The 3 Secrets To Self-Care

The Healing Hub

In this workshop by Sandra Colhando, life coach & Gestalt practitioner you will discover how you can lead a life that is free of stress and anxiety, by learning 3 secrets which are easy to implement and create lasting results! You will also learn how we are genetically designed to live a healthy life, however, […]

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